DURABASE WP matting sealing rolls ensure safe sealing of walls and floors both indoors and outdoors

Sealing walls and floors
DURABASE WP is used for sealing in conjunction with tiling on walls and floors. DURABASE WP ensures firm adhesion to the subfloor and simple handling of any locations where large amounts of moisture are present, e.g. bathrooms or other wet areas.

Installation of acid-proof flooring
DURABASE WP, used in conjunction with suitable tiles and epoxy-resin adhesive, can even help to make floor surfaces that are resistant to chemicals, as stipulated in the food and drink industry, e.g. in breweries.

Usage as sealing tape
DURABASE WP can be used as sealing tape to safely seal butted joints in compound sealing solutions such as those using DURABASE CI++ or DURABASE WP. Other areas of application include usage at junctions between the wall and the floor.



DURABASE WP - Accessories

DURABASE FLEX Internal corner

DURABASE WP sealing tape

DURABASE FLEX External corner

DURABASE WP sealing tape self-adhesive


DURABASE WP sealing tape TPE/backing fabric polyester