VARIO-LINE linear shower

VARIO-LINE  - the barrier-free, floor-level shower system with extremely low installation height – solid stainless steel

Full variability - 9 lengths and 4 designer grilles or a tile frame. You have the choice.

Unique sealing system - absolutely tight and absolutely secure thanks to the continuous, deep-drawn sealant membrane.

VARIO-LINE offers full height flexibility (for floor covering thicknesses of 6 to 21 mm) subsequent to the installation procedure itself. 
With many other types of shower drainage channel, the frame height must be defined in advance.

Optimum hygiene due to the completely smooth and polished run-off surface that presents no hindrance whatsoever. Most of the currently available drainage channel systems have protruding fixings or undercuts that make cleaning difficult and cleaning intervals shorter. This is where most of the dirt and soap residues collect.

A second drainage level, to prevent water damagesuch as efflorescence and mould spots. Any water that seeps through the joints and under the tiling is drained away safely via the integrated seal in the drain. This prevents the kind of damage that often becomes visible only after a period of months or even years.

Simple, clean and precise installation with XPS channel support. The separate, deep-drawn foil seal is not fixed in place until after the floor screed has been installed. The drainage channel thus provides a precise and completely accessible edge for striking off the floor screed at the required gradient and there is no danger of the foil seal being damaged or soiled during the installation. 

Easy, safe and waterproof installation.


Please Note: Use the attractive and technically superior gradient and wall connection profile made of stainless steel when installing a one-directional incline. No more need for tiniest tile cuts for a perfect and safe connection to the surrounding floor.



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